Sunday, February 8, 2009

facebook chat etiquette

it seems like everybody and their moms has facebook now. and that there are more older people than the demographic facebook intended to reach out to. ( but whatever that's another blog for some other time). i remember chatting with friends on AIM. it brings back good memories. AIM chatting and facebook chatting are just like talking on the phone: you greet the other person, talk about whatever comes up, share stories about the day, blah blah blah and so forth, and then you finally say goodbyes. and with facebook chat you dont even have to type a word. you can type some abbreviated mess of letters that means something to the other person such as gtg, gnite, ttyl, cyal8r, and whatever else. it is not that difficult people. unless all of my friends with whom i facebook chat are a bunch of damn derelicts. i have found myself in deep conversation with friends on facebook chat and without warning they sign off. its as if im not important enough to get a "ttyl" or a "gtg." it really grinds my gears when this happens. honestly im threatened to end our relationship on facebook. next time you do this, you will be deleted.

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Heather said...

You know, RJ, sometimes facebook chat is just dumb and cuts out...maybe the secret is to boycott facebook and go back to AIM or whatever--back to when life was easier...and you can block people if you don't want to talk to them. ;)