Thursday, April 23, 2009

stupid humans

so in my bio 1610 class we are learning about the environment. global warning. recycling. conserving the ecosystem. and what we can do to stop destroying our planet. blah blah blah. my professor said something interesting tonight. she was telling us that we shouldnt build houses and live where animals live. hello? animals live everywhere. in the forests, deserts, plains, tundras, etc. i say survival of the fittest. if the animals can outwit us, more power to them.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

spring is here

so now that its finally getting warmer here, there has been a drastic change in fashion. ive heard of provo fashion and even seen pictures, but never thought it was this bad. i am experiencing it firsthand. you know when spring has arrived in provo when you see thousands and thousands of polo shirts. i didnt know so many colors existed. most of the polos have the insignia from american eagle, hollister, or abercrombie. and keep telling yourself popping your collar looks really good on you. i love sitting and making fun of people like you. choker necklaces bloom back in style as do white sandals. ive also noticed that more and more people are wearing sunglasses inside. are you serious? you might as well get transition lenses. you look ridiculous. and dont even put them on your head. please leave them in your car.

i was looking for pictures online to portray the provo style. this was the one that shows it the best.