Thursday, April 23, 2009

stupid humans

so in my bio 1610 class we are learning about the environment. global warning. recycling. conserving the ecosystem. and what we can do to stop destroying our planet. blah blah blah. my professor said something interesting tonight. she was telling us that we shouldnt build houses and live where animals live. hello? animals live everywhere. in the forests, deserts, plains, tundras, etc. i say survival of the fittest. if the animals can outwit us, more power to them.

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Brookel said...

first of all, why haven't i known about your blog, it's hilarious, i love it, i will now be checking it everyday for updates. Second, i'd like to see this crazy professor living in the snow or have her come down to texas during an ice storm. but hey i left a comment on your older post when you cut your hair and your facebook invite one, check it out.