Sunday, June 28, 2009

chicken and beer

me and my friend jeff were at macys and thought it would be fun to make chicken in a beery broth cooked in a crock pot. we picked the best day of the week: sunday. we bought all the ingredients saturday night and we were, needless to say, stoked to use a recipe from all the reviews were good and a lot of people recommended it. i think the hardest decision was finding the right beer.

this was the selection. we stood there just staring at the colorful cans of beer for a few minutes. i finally decided to go with a 24 oz of miller genuine draft. i still stand behind my decision.

browning the chicken before the crock pot

jeff chopping some potatoes and carrots

pouring in some more miller

it was fun making it, but i wouldnt recommend it. the chicken was super dry and didnt taste normal, but the vegetables were spectacular.

Friday, June 19, 2009

futbol folly

so ive been noticing lately in this great town that there are tons of people wearing soccer jerseys. at the gym. at school. shopping at the mall. etc. most of these are ex-missionaries that served in foreign countries. if youre trying to stand out: mission accomplished. it just makes it easier for me to spot you in a crowd and even easier to make fun of you. i thank you. ive come up with a few exceptions when you can sport a soccer jersey:

1 cheering for your favorite soccer team during world cup

2 if youre going to a watch a game

3 or youre a retard