Friday, June 19, 2009

futbol folly

so ive been noticing lately in this great town that there are tons of people wearing soccer jerseys. at the gym. at school. shopping at the mall. etc. most of these are ex-missionaries that served in foreign countries. if youre trying to stand out: mission accomplished. it just makes it easier for me to spot you in a crowd and even easier to make fun of you. i thank you. ive come up with a few exceptions when you can sport a soccer jersey:

1 cheering for your favorite soccer team during world cup

2 if youre going to a watch a game

3 or youre a retard


Bethany said...

Does that guy's jersey say "Bimbo"? He might have bigger problems on his hands than looking stupid in a soccer jersey. I hope that's not a real team.

AZ Powells said...

so...what I am hearing is that you want a soccer shirt for your B-day?? Stevan has a couple from England..Svend bought them for him and he wears them to soccer practice :)