Sunday, June 28, 2009

chicken and beer

me and my friend jeff were at macys and thought it would be fun to make chicken in a beery broth cooked in a crock pot. we picked the best day of the week: sunday. we bought all the ingredients saturday night and we were, needless to say, stoked to use a recipe from all the reviews were good and a lot of people recommended it. i think the hardest decision was finding the right beer.

this was the selection. we stood there just staring at the colorful cans of beer for a few minutes. i finally decided to go with a 24 oz of miller genuine draft. i still stand behind my decision.

browning the chicken before the crock pot

jeff chopping some potatoes and carrots

pouring in some more miller

it was fun making it, but i wouldnt recommend it. the chicken was super dry and didnt taste normal, but the vegetables were spectacular.


kayla & tyler said...

haha you little cook you! That's why I didn't see you at Sunday Dinner at my Mom's house. I brought your cards and everything!!! I'll keep them safe for you. sorry the chicken was nasty!

Wendi's Secrets To Life said...

Hahaha i love it RJ I cant believe you bought beer too. So the chicken wasnt that great huh? Thanks for the info now I wont try it!!

AZ Powells said...

that is would have been funnier if your bishop were behind you in line at the grocery store buying the beer!!!!! I am sure Zoey could have given you tips though..she is the queen of cooking and may have a better recipie. I have used beer in beer batter and it was good!!!