Monday, March 23, 2009

enough already

recently i have been getting bombarded with an insane amount of invites to applications that dont suit me. ive had enough. getting multiple invites to add applications on facebook from the same person is driving me nuts. i know i used to invite others to groups, but i think i am justified because they were funny and im sure they made you laugh. some of the applications are: Which sexy lady are you?, Dr. Phil's personality test, and what's your name meaning? i dont get it. please stop before you are deleted. i apologize for being rude, but it really needs to stop. you know who you are.


kayla & tyler said...

haha rj you crack me up. i hate those stupid applications too. i just delete all of them I don't even look at em.

Brookel said...

this is why i deleted my facebook, it never ended, it was the worst, i didn't even think to just delete the people who kept sending them, i'm sure some of mine were the same people bothering you.

arejay said...

ive deleted up to 200 people on facebook. not all from invites but simply people i didnt care about. like people from high school that i havent talked to in 4 years and it was better that way. but now i dont reject invites i just keep them and see how stupid they are. they cheer me up on rainy days.