Tuesday, May 19, 2009

customer satisfaction

as i have stated in the previous blog i work at sears. on the bottom of every receipt there are instructions to take a survey online. its a small survey to rate how the associates did with their customers. if they were clean looking. if the department was neat. or messy. if the associate was helpful and knew his stuff. quality of products. and so on. after rating me in these several categories there is a place where one can write what they want. some unknown customer wrote something about me. they said i was like a robot and that i didnt smile enough for them. getting 6 bucks an hour. getting yelled at throughout the day by disgruntled customers. and on special days by my managers. and my personal favorite having people not show respect because i work at sears. yep all these things make me happy. and whats wrong with being a robot? sometimes i dont feel like smiling and other times i enjoy acting like a robot.

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