Thursday, October 14, 2010

being colorblind

it has taken me awhile for me to figure out that i am colorblind. okay maybe i have known for years but didnt want to accept it. i knew it ran in the family on my moms side but i still didnt think i was colorblind. as it happens i am. sometimes when i buy clothes i think they are one color but come to find out that in fact they are a completely different color. so naturally my whole color scheme for my outfit is ruined. i was recently with my roommate and i noticed we were wearing similar clothes. we both had dark denim jeans on, we both had dark brown shirts on, and i think we both were wearing sperrys. i mentioned this to him, and he looks at me with a confused look. he says that we didnt have the same color shirt. his was dark brown and mine was black. turns out he was right. i bought that shirt thinking it was dark brown! i wanted a dark brown shirt. this has happened countless times to me.

take for instance i was in microbiology lab looking at bacteria under a microscope. we were supposed to draw the bacteria and color them accordingly. it was harder than it sounds because all of my lab partners were color blind. the blind leading the blind. so we would draw the bacteria and would have to ask another group to tell us what color we should use. on the first two labs we missed points because we used the wrong color on the majority of the bacteria. wow. i think i can argue that its my disability/disease that caused me to miss those points. so now we have to collaborate with another group and have them choose a colored pencil for us. how embarrassing.

one more experience that happened in august. i got into frisbee golfing over the summer. and i had just bought a new red frisbee. so i go to the el dorado course. this red frisbee was a little bit harder to locate in the green grass. i continue to play. i throw the red frisbee towards the hole. i walk over to find it. and it is nowhere to be found. i spent at least 45 minutes looking for this frisbee. i even asked other people to keep an eye out. nothing. who loses a red frisbee in green grass? im an idiot for not taking my colorblindness into account when purchasing a red frisbee.

these were just the most recent occurrences.

what i love is when people find out that i am colorblind they immediately try and test me. maybe to try and fool me because they dont believe me?

what color is my shirt? black. no its navy.
what color is my hair? brown. wow that one is always easy.
what color is my carpet? puke-green. its always close to this color.
what color are my jeans? denim colored. cake.

so if you dont know if you are colorblind yet here are some links for some color blind tests:

colorblind test 1

i only got the first one right on this one.

colorblind test 2

i got two right on this one.


Aubrey Lambert said...

i'm so sorry to hear you're visually disabled. i think October should be National Cure Color blindess Month. I'll make t-shirts.

John Skaggs said...

interesting..... I wish the link for the test was easier then copy n paste....

AZ Powells said...

ha ha...I swear Stevan is but he has taken 2 tests recently and passed!!! I think he is just difficult :)

Rachel said...

My husband and his brothers are all color blind. it can be pretty entertaining. I made him take the test and he got the same results you did.

John Skaggs said...

It was fun to take the test but on one plate it was hard to see the "7' without tipping the laptop to see the colors. Thanks for switching to a link. I got 100% on both of the test...