Saturday, December 18, 2010

would you have a drink with you?

have you guys seen the stoli vodka commercials? probably not. but they pose the question 'would you have a drink with you?' of course i would. we would tag team people-watch. we wouldnt miss anyone passing by. we (me and the other me) would understand each other and our humor. we wouldnt want to go mingle or meet new people. we would be content talking about simple things like embarassing moments in our lives and lives of others that we know. or tv shows. movies. and their memorable quotes. poking fun at others. so my answer would be a definite yes. would you have a drink with you?

here is the julia stiles commercial for stoli


Bubba Garrett said...

I've totally seen this commercial... and it was weird the first time.

However, I would love to have a drink with myself ONLY IF my other self reminded me of things that I didn't remember. Then it would be entertaining. If my other self only remembered things that I remembered, then it would be pretty boring...

John Skaggs said...

i would because with the culture or beliefs that I follow would maybe come judgemental attitudes through the eyes of drinking. In reality, I would drink with myself. Great point about telling jokes, tv shows or best creating slander about others.