Sunday, October 5, 2008

Bob Barker Maze

i was at the park with my little sister tristen. just having a normal day. we were walking around and decided to start heading for the woods nearby. it took us a little while to get there but as we keep walking deeper and deeper into the woods we saw a maze in a meadow and it extended to the end of our sights. we entered the maze and i was half expecting something or someone to jump out and scare the bejeshis out of me. it didnt happen. instead we ran into bob barker. he seemed a little out of character but what do i know? ive never met him and only seen him on The Price is Right. one odd thing i noticed about him was that he had a machete in his right hand. i simply thought he was the maintenance guy for this maze we were in. i thought nothing more. we talked for thirty minutes. i then excused my sister and i so we could find a way out of here. he watched us until we turned a corner. as i turned the corner i looked back at him and he had a strange smirk on his face. again i thought nothing of it. it seemed like we had been in this freaking maze for hours. we had no idea where we were and if we were ever going to get out. finally we saw a small opening in the green wall of the maze. we stood in the small archway and for some reason i looked back towards where we had came from and i saw bob running towards us and yelling obscenities at us. he still had the machete in his right hand and it looked like it was drenched with blood. from the archway we only had two options: one, hike up the side of the mountain that was flooded with sunlight, or two, trek downstream in the river where there was hardly any light thanks to the impenetrable foliage of the trees that lined the river. we didnt have a lot of time so we jumped into the river and ran as fast as we could in the cold water. as we ran into the darkness i looked back over my shoulder to get a glimpse of bob chasing after us, but to no avail he wasnt anywhere to be seen. we ran for twenty to thirty minutes and finally got out of the river where the trees stopped lining the river. we got back to the park and grabbed someone to help us. but when we told our story to them they started laughing about the maze and bob barker chasing us. they just walked away out of breath from laughing. we called the police and they didnt believe us. they knew nothing about a maze in the woods, but the lieutenant informed us that bob barker had a huge house just five miles north of the park where we had been. can you believe that nobody believed us. i will never forget that smirk bob barker had on his face in the maze.


Jenna said...

funny story

Jenna said...

The captcha for that last comment was idhao. Amazing.

Lehigrams said...

Is this a true story, or a dream?