Thursday, October 9, 2008

anatomical snuffbox

im taking human anatomy at uvsc and along with it a lab class. when we go to palpate human cadavers we are required to wear gloves and special goggles. because you dont ever want to get cadaver juice in your eyes. the whole class was back in the lab and divided up into four groups with four cadavers. we had been back there for 15 minutes when the lab instructor comes to our group and expounds on the muscles of the antebrachium. right about this time my goggles were getting foggy because it was quite warm in the room. so i pull my goggles away from my face with the top side of my wrists (due to the cadaver juice on my gloves). i move back from my group and as i do this the instructor, Brent everrett looks back at me and hesitantly says:

"Are you okay? Are you going to pass out?" after asking these questions everyone in my group looks at me waiting for me to answer or to pass out.

i answer back, "no. im fine. my goggles are just a little foggy."

i move back a little more away from the group and brent looks back at me again and asks me "do you need to sit down? or do you need to get some air?"

"no im fine, just dont smell your lab gloves after you touch a cadaver. you might feel a little woozy" i kind of laugh jokingly.

brent replies "i just assumed other people would know not to do that"

"yeah you need to have a disclaimer before labs to remind people about not doing that"

it was one of the greatest awkwardest moments of my life. and im sure half of my class thought i was going to pass out because 5 minutes after this happened i left the lab and just studied on the models in the classroom.


Heather said...

I can't believe you had to work with cadavers and you didn't get nauseous. I would have barfed all over everyone.

The Stevens Family said...

Aww that's nothing. I've dressed bodies, gone to take them to the coroner, done their makeup and watched an embalming. I suppose if the cadaver isn't so great looking it could be quite nasty. Sounds like an interesting class :)