Friday, December 5, 2008

joyful contingency

i currently have the calling of gospel doctrine teacher (for the laymen: sunday school teacher). im enjoying it so far and most of the discussions that erupt. we were talking about mormon chapter 5 or so and i posed a question and a young lady from the congregation raised her hand and started sharing deep spiritual moments from her life. i was listening intently (okay i probably wasnt, i was probably worrying about what i was going to say next or what question i was going to ask). but i really tried to keep eye contact with her and nod every so often to let her know i was listening. something caught my eye as she kept explicating her spiritual experience. i looked one row in front of the young lady and there was my roommate winking at me. i didnt crack a smile. then he proceeded to blow me a kiss. that crossed the line. i could not help myself from smiling and giving out a laugh that i honestly thought was going to be inaudible, but no. im sure the girl talking thought i was laughing at her. she ended shortly after the laugh and i moved on with the lesson. so if you are reading this blog, im sorry for laughing during your participation, but know it wasnt you or your story that made me laugh, it was my foolhardy roommate.


Heather said...

hahahahaah poor girl. She was probably in love with you and you laughed during her comment.

As-salaam Alaikum said...

i did not blow a kiss at you, you just wish i did.

kayla & tyler said...

HAHA! that's hilarious! maybe you should tell her that you weren't laughing at her. she probably hates you now.