Tuesday, December 9, 2008

p.s. i love you

this experience happened awhile back. so dont draw conclusions from this story with any girl that ive taken out recently, been seen hanging out with, or even walked with. because chances are you dont know who it is. so i was casual going out with this one girl and she invited me to go to a movie with her friends via text message. this is how the text message conversation went:

her: hey my friends and i are going
to see a movie tonight and i wanted
to invite you. wanna come?


me: what time is the movie?
(i didnt say yes or no. i wasnt in the mood for a chick flick)


her: we're thinking about going at 8.


me: okay that sounds good. what
movie are you planning on seeing?


(15 minutes later came her answer)

her: p.s. i love you.

and by that time i had forgotten about the question i had previously asked before - [what movie are you planning on seeing?] - so i got this text message "p.s. i love you." i didnt know what to do. we didnt even have the utah term "DTR talk" yet. 4-5 minutes must have passed before i realized that that was the title of the movie. i felt like an idiot.