Friday, February 26, 2010

im tired of being tired

it probably started in high school when i realized no matter how many hours of sleep i got i was always sleepy during the day. it seemed like i never completely woke up. this continued on my ecclesiastical sabbatical to ecuador. even getting 8 full hours of sleep a night, (as required by the white bible), it still left me yawning the entire day. i grew accustomed to the tiredness and thought it was normal for me.
i was informed by a good friend, who shall not be named, about hypothyroidism. he told me that the main symptoms of it were: 1. excessive tiredness 2. hair loss 3. unexplained weight gain 4. always being cold 5. and in some cases lactation.
i wont go into which ones i have. but you can ask me in private. i then found out that hypothyroidism runs in the family. it seemed like i had it for sure. so i scheduled an appointment at the uvu health clinic and they drew blood and tested it. they said it would take a few days for the results to come in. i wasnt really nervous about the test reults because i was sure i was hypothyroidic. i just got a call from the clinic and they informed me i was not hypothyroidic. i was disappointed at the results. i now have to come to the realization that the rest of my life i will be constantly tired and possibly lactating.

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